About Me

I got got my first camera at 7.

I love cats, dogs, babies, and rock and roll!

I love farm weddings, and the bride who’s willing to get her shoes a little muddy.

I’m vegan, but allergic to raw veggies.

I could listen to first wave ska all day.

I have an intrinsic ability to make your parent’s country club look like the cool, rustic, farm wedding you wish you had.

I love being a mom

… although you may still see me at a punk rock show

… or at a tattoo shop.

i’m a little too anything into DIY…

I find treasure in people’s trash.

Be warned, If I pass a barn on the way to your reception, I’m making your limo pull over.

I love brew pubs.

I do too much laundry.

I like to read, but only how-to’s.

I love riding my motorcycle and quad.

I won’t kill anything.

I like to take on projects that are way over my head.

I could fly a plane if I had too.

I used to be pretty damn good at Zippo tricks

I don’t like dentists (nothing personal..).

I love being outside in the spring… (also, Summer, Fall, and Winter).

I hate sales pitches..

I can never find my shoes but always know where my cameras are!

I don’t have cable.

I don’t like jerks and am afraid of spiders.

I swam in the Hudson, and lived to tell about it.

I like conspiracy theories.

I hate rules, maaan.

Did I say I like cats?